Located in the East Bay of Rhode Island, Adamsville Coven is from the Queensberry Line of the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft.  The Alexandrian Tradition is a fertility-based, mystery cult dedicated to the Goddess and the God.  Being so, its sacred—and secret—practices are taught only to Initiates, following the belief that “only a Witch can make another Witch.”  Priesthood of the Tradition seek direct connection to and experience of the Divine through ritual and magic tied to the cycles of nature and the cosmos.  

The Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft was founded by Alex Sanders—“King of the Witches”—in the United Kingdom in the mid 1960s.  An Initiate of the Gardnerian Tradition, Alex was also an occultist, magician and Hermeticist.  Thus, the Alexandrian Tradition—and the Queensberry Line and Adamsville Coven—incorporates in its workings, teachings and philosophies Hermeticism, Qabbalah and Ceremonial Magic within the framework of British Traditional Witchcraft as founded and defined by Gerald Gardner in the 1940s.


The Queensberry Line of the Alexandrian Tradition unites three lines that trace back to Alex and Maxine Sanders:  Du Bandia Grasail; the Temple of the Mother; and the Alexandrian Line of Kent.  Training and practice in Adamsville Coven reflect this synthesis with particular emphasis on the teachings of Maxine Sanders.  It is to be noted, however, that covens in the Alexandrian Tradition are autonomous, and as such, there is no one person who represents the tradition wholly or authoritatively.  

Adamsville Coven meets on all Esbats and Sabbats to work and experience the Inner Mysteries of the Sacred Circle of Witchcraft.  The Coven also convenes monthly for training sessions in the practices of the Tradition.

Adamsville Coven is currently considering those who have the vocation and dedication for the Alexandrian Priesthood.